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So I find myself with Saturday morning dishes in the sink, but happily they are NOT from the previous Sunday!  We did cook a little this week, although not every dish in the grand plan.  

  • Rotelli with Lemon, Herbs, Squash, Sundried Tomatoes and Capers (Farmshare Recipe)
  • 3-Salad Nite: Green salad with cukes & japanese turnip with poppyseed dressing, garlic beet salad, and tuna salad
  • Balkan Cucumber Salad from Moosewood with Hummus & Pita

David was going to make Linguini Putanesca but due to an unfortunate lack of linguini in the house, we made the Rotelli instead.  The pasta was good, but somewhat bland as all the farmshare recipes I’ve tried so far have been.  It could have used more of the lemon (the recipe only included lemon peel – I would include the juice too) as well as more herbs.  (Fresh herbs from my window herb garden!  Although my beautiful fresh herbs are probably storing up all the neighborhood toxins…)

It was SUPER hot this week and I’d say that the Balkan Cucumber Salad was the most refreshing, although the 3 salad nite was also light and cool.  This has been a spartan summer, we’re trying to forgo AC this year.  Happily, it is cooling off a little.


In other food news, we found an AWESOME little place that sells Japanese street food.  It’s on E 9th St. between 2nd & 3rd Aves.  This area I just found out is like a little Japantown (or as much of one as you’re going to get in NYC- it’s next to a hookah bar that sells “mohitos” [sic]).  Otafuku is about 12sqft and sells only 2 things: takoyaki (dumplings oozing with octopus, topped with 2 delicious sauces and bonito flakes) and onomikayi (savory shredded vegetable pancakes topped with your choice of meat with more of the delicious sauces and bonito flakes.)  We will be going back very soon.


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CSA loot

This year we joined a CSA, Hearty Roots Farm.  We have a vegetable share and a fruit share!  We get to pick it up every other week.  Maybe next year we’ll do every week, at least for the fruit part.  Each time I bite into the bounty is one bite closer to solving the economic, political and environmental crisis.  More on this in future post.  Enough pontificating.

The veggies:

  • japanese turnips 
  • beets
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • cukes
  • thai basil
  • yellow summer squash
  • sweet onions

The fruits:

  • blueberries
  • yellow peaches
  • pale yellow plums
The plans for the week (though we’ll see what happens – this Friday night I found myself in a sinkful of cold suds and last Sunday’s dirty dishes):
  • cucumber yogurt salad with hummus & pita
  • lemon pepper pappardelle with squash, lemon, pine nuts & herb
  • japanese turnips with parsley & lemon
  • pesto with pasta and grilled squash
  • corn chowder (leftover corn from last week’s farmer’s market)
  • Lidia’s garlic beet salad
  • borscht
  • salad with candied nuts, japanese turnip and apple
If anything turns out delicious I’ll post it.

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