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Last night we made this recipe to use up the celeriac we got in our farm share.  It was a winner – an excellent autumn supper.  I was a little skeptical initially about the celery mash, but it turned out really excellent, with a nice delicate flavor and creamy texture.  

It was a strange night last night, with the wind and rain wailing around our building.  I associate strong winds with cold, but this was Tropical Storm Hanna (!) so it was pretty balmy.  

I made several modifications to the recipe:

  • instead of 2 lbs of celeriac I just used 2 roots, with just enough milk to cover the pieces, diluted with a little water.
  • instead of bacon I used 3 slices of prosciutto
  • I used more carrots, and more onion instead of shallots
  • don’t skimp on the fresh rosemary!  I used more like a tablespoon and it was excellent!
  • instead of water in the lentils I used chicken broth.
  • 2 lbs of pork tenderloin instead of 2.5
  • As far as cooking the pork,  I’d say don’t worry about the temp, just follow the time guidelines.
  • I didn’t bother straining the sauce.  

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